Who We Are


Our company is rooted in a deep passion and years of competition in the vibrant world of windsurfing and kiteboarding. Specializing in the design and engineering of hydrofoils for kite-windsurf-wingfoil, we have combined the experience of top-level athletes with the most advanced 3D design and fluid dynamics technologies, aiming to create products that redefine the limits of what is possible.

Led by Andrea Beverino, a prominent athlete in various Olympic disciplines (windsurfing, tornado, kite race) and a veteran as a tester and developer for various industry companies, we collaborate closely with internationally renowned experts.

Among them, Claudio Grimaldi, an aeronautical engineer with a passion for wing foiling and a specialization in composite materials; Nicolas Carabelli, an America’s Cup engineer focused on the development and optimization of aerodynamic profiles; and Paolo Marcolongo from Carbonpres S.r.l., a leader in the manufacturing of carbon fiber hydrofoils.

Together, we have joined our forces in a co-creation process, using the finest available composite materials (high-quality prepreg) to ensure that every product is perfect in every detail.

Proud of our Collaborations

Carbonpres S.r.l.

Specialized in composites and manufacturing.

Mariotti Prototipi S.r.l.

 Expertise in prototyping and mold making.

TSC S.r.l.

Leader in prototyping and mold making.

We design our hydrofoils with a dual goal: to achieve exceptional racing performance while ensuring, at the same time, comfort and ease of use even for beginners. Maneuvers, such as tacking or jibing, will be more intuitive and simpler than one might imagine. The sensation of gliding over water, magnified by the absence of noise and vibrations and the unique smoothness of our profiles, is at the heart of our vision: to transform every outing into an experience of pure pleasure and freedom.